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Monopoly Dinosaur Edition

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Live the life of a hard-working scientist in the field of paleontology.

Travel the Mesozoic era collecting dino-discoveries as you go. Fossils, skeletons, time period and theories are all up for grabs. Leave your Jeeps and Tents on your discoveries and watch the rent come pouring in as you make deals with other scientists and explore Dig Sites and Laboratories. But stay sharp, because there is only room for one at the top…will that be you?

Ages: 8+ | Players: 2-6

In the Box:

1 x Gameboard
6 x Dinosaur Tokens
28 x Title Deed Cards
16 x DIG SITE Cards
1 x Pack of Monopoly money
32 x Tents (Houses)
12 x Jeeps (Hotels)
2 x Dice
1 x Instructions