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Poptaria Mystery Boxes

Buying a Mystery Box

Please select your purchase carefully and read the product description so you are aware of the shipping timeframes for your selected box. All our boxes ship on the same day (the last day of the month) to avoid spoilers and each box lists it's shipping date. Whole Mystery boxes can't be refunded due to us pre-ordering for your box so please keep this in mind.

Our past boxes page is a guide to the types of products you could receive.

Each Box you buy at Poptaria is a one-off purchase. You may buy a longer plan 3, 6 or 12 months on some of our regular boxes or purchase whichever individual boxes take your fancy each month. You will NOT be billed again so if you don't want to miss the next box remember to reorder the following month.

Regular Mystery Boxes- Orders close on the 15th of the month, ship on the last day of each month